Monday, June 23, 2008

What's the difference: Adoption of a Foster child vs. Foster to Adopt

I am not an expert on this topic. My knowledge is from personal experience and listening to many different experts on the subject.

Straight Adoption:
The child who is available for immediate adoption is in foster care. The biological parents rights have been terminated. The child is in a foster home that does not want to adopt. Now that the parental rights have been terminated the state will look for an adoptive home. The majority of children eligible for straight adoption will be between 2 - 17 yrs of age.

Foster to Adopt:
A child is placed in a foster home due to a bad situation at the family home. The state will work with the family to reunite the children with their biological parents. The parents have one year to work toward reunification. At the year mark, the judge in the case can extend their time 6 months if they are showing progress. If the biological parents are unable to be reunited with the children, the state will proceed to legally terminate their rights. Some parents choose to voluntarily terminate their rights if they feel they are going to loose in court. During this 12 -18 month time frame, the state will try to find blood relatives to take the children. The state of Texas wants children to be placed with birth parents or blood relatives before non related foster families. Once these rights are terminated the foster family will be asked if they wish to adopt the child. They get the first chance to adopt.

It is hard to decide which route to take. There are many agencies to choose to work with. By using an experienced agency you can go the foster to adopt route and only be placed with children who look like adoption will happen. The case workers are experienced in knowing how to read between the lines and have relationships with CPS to know the probable outcome of the case. Foster to adopt is the best and quickest way to get a newborn!

Do not allow yourself to tell God no, I can't. Do not allow yourself to make up your mind that foster care is not for you. God is not about fear!!!!! God calls us each to seek His face and His heart. If you do not say no before asking God, you may be surprised with the result. Yes foster to adopt has a risk of heartbreak. Who has healed your heart so many times in you life? PLEASE seek God before you automatically say it is not right for you. Only God knows what is next for you, and unless you seek Him you could be missing out on a Miracle. And yes, your miracle could be on the straight adoption path.

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Staci said...

I just want to say that these laws and practices vary from state to state. In California, children are moved into fost/ adopt only when their permenency plan becomes adoption or the liklihood is great that it will. Otherwise they remain in regular fostercare. This allows the parents who are really pursuing adoption to be matched with kids who have a higher likelihood of an adoptive outcome. The risk is much less for these parents than waiting to adopt from fostercare.