Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Show me the money!

God has led me to adopt, where do I get the money? This is the general adoption question on RLC this week. An orphan is defined as a child who does not have a mother or father. What is our responsibility to care for the orphan?

Step one is always the decision to adopt. Step two is deciding where to adopt from. When I started to research adoption, I looked at all three avenues: Domestic, International, and Foster Care. I was shocked at the prices of adoption. We knew the cost of fertility treatments, but I was not prepared to see the cost of adoption. I went into a funk for a day with the thought that we would not have a second child because we did not want to go into debt, or me go back to work with a newborn at home.

God led us to adopt from the Texas Foster Care system. In 2007, there were 33,000 children in foster care. The majority are looking for forever families. These children are Orphans. This is just one state, how many in the entire US????? The risk of a disrupted adoption of a child in the US is the same as international. Once rights are terminated, the bio parents will NOT take their children back. This is the biggest fear I hear from others that I talk to. RESEARCH is the key to understanding the US Foster Care System.

The cost for us to become licensed as a foster care/adoptive family was less than $200. This was mostly child safety locks, photocopies and inspection fees. In our county we needed to obtain a few inspections of our AC and plumbing before we could get the fire inspector to approve our home. Some counties also have to pay for health inspections. Depending on the agency you may need safety ladders, metal trash cans, and other specific safety objects. In general the cost is minimal to obtain your license.

In our county, attorney fees run about $1,000. The State of Texas wants to help families and you could possibly receive financial help to pay these fees. There are also other monetary incentives to adopt. Depending on the age of the child, a family could receive multiple benefits. Because we adopted a sibling set we received all the available benefits. We were given $1,500 to pay for attorney fees, both boys keep their Medicade insurance, both boys will receive free tuition to any State University, and we were able to use the Federal tax credit of $10,000 per child. Because we received benefits from Texas, our children are classified as special needs in the tax sense and we can utilize the full credit even though we did not spend that much money.

I strongly encourage anyone reading this to consider Foster Care Adoption. If the child is eligible for adoption when they are placed there is not a risk of the child being given back to their bio parents. Choosing a reputable agency with a long history of child placement will give you all the information you need to help make your decision. Attending several information meetings will give you a good starting point.

Children is US Foster Care are orphans, and need Forever Families.


Brandi said...

Amen! Thanks so much for blogging. This was a great post and I pray that others are encouraged to pray about foster care through reading it!


Holly said...

Yes! Thank you for sharing this!
We were first called to China and then to Africa, but the thought of foster adoption has been planted in my mind. We have some close friends in process and it truly can be an answer to prayers of the parents and of the children!

Heart 4 My Home said...

I just found your blog by divine intervention tonight. No I don't believe it was by accident or chance.

Although we don't have any children YET, my husband and I are believing for a full quiver. Of course only the LORD knows how many that will be, but in the meantime we will wait for HIS divine timing.

We are located in Texas, so your post really stood out and took my attention. We have been thinking about adoption. However, we have no idea where to start.

I would love to ask you a few questions if you don't mind. If this is ok, and acceptable to you...I would love to talk to you more in depth.

I can be reached at
(the 0's are zeros not the letter o) thank you so much for your time.