Thursday, June 19, 2008

Failed Placement Two

Two weeks after our first birthmother disappeared, the agency called about a new birthmother who needed a family for her baby. The mother was Hep C positive and we would need to decide if we would accept the placement. I called hospitals and researched the internet.

I learned that the risk of the baby being born Hep C+ was low, and if it did happen, drug therapy would almost 100% wipe it out. We prayed and decided to go forward.

This child was scheduled to be born in the middle of February 2003. The weeks crawled by. By the beginning of February I was so excited. We had decided on the nursery theme and were just waiting to get the decorations started.

The agency called and told us the birthmother was having second thoughts. She kept going back and forth in her decision. She wanted the agency to look for other families. We were never told why she was questioning us, but I had to have faith in God that she would keep us.

God's plan was not my plan. This mother did choose another family and followed thru on her plan for adoption. I later got to meet the family and after hearing their story I felt peace from God that this was just a step in my journey and this baby was never meant to be in our family.

Since hindsight is so perfect I did not understand God's plan at the time. About a week after learning this placement failed I felt God telling me to be patient. I had more of a journey to my child. My child had not been born and I needed to have complete faith in the timeline God had set for our family.

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