Saturday, June 14, 2008

Step 1: Make a Decision

Not wanting to give up hope of getting pregnant the old fashion way, we kept up with basic drugs and watched the calender.

We went on a weekend retreat with other families from our church. Our son became fast friends with another fireball. As his mother and I started spending time together, I learned that this new friend & his cutie pie sister were both adopted. As she related her life story I realized that this would be an option I should check into. The money would be about the same, but with adoption the chances were greater to get a baby.

When I get excited about a project, I go after it full force. I started calling agencies to request information. I learned a bunch but it did not push me over the edge into adoption full force. I still wanted a pregnancy. I kinda told God that he could give me a baby now, I looked into adoption. Yea know the myth that you always get pregnant as soon as you start to adopt!!!!!

There were four or five agencies that I felt I wanted to look into further. I wanted a local agency for a domestic placement. We went to a few information meetings to fulfill the first step into choosing an agency.

We settled into an agency due to their sliding scale fee. I started the paperwork, still with the pregancy option in the back of my head. I REALLY wanted to get pregnant!

God started me down the path, He just needed to guide me a little more than I expected.

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